Friday 21 Saturday 22

and Sunday 23 June 2019


Artsits will meet with foundations, galerists, art critics, collectors, journalists, curators, and art centre and festival directors during the portfolio reviews organised by the CARRE SUR SEINE association.


Come present your work in to experts from the art world, through individual 20-minute meetings. This is a unique occasion to give visibility to your work, to discover new opportunities, gather professional advice, and find financing for a project.


At the end of the event, a jury comprising of experts from the art world will elect a winner of the PRIX DE LA VILLE DE BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT which includes a grant of 5000 euros.

Candidates also have the chance to participate in the "Ecoutez-Voir" events through CARRE SUR SEINE. At the end of the 2018-2019 season of “Ecoutez-voir”, a jury composed of members of the CARRE SUR SEINE association will assemble to elect the winner of the PRIX DES MEMBRES of CARRE SUR SEINE, which includes a grant of 2000 euros.


The portfolio reviews are open to artists of all disciplines (sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, etc.) and allows you also to gain critical advice on your work, find opportunities to exhibit, to sell and find financing for a project.


Artists will present their work one-on-one with experts of their choice through a 20-minute meeting in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. These interviews allow artists, regardless of the discipline, to present their work to different experts (who have one or several domaines of expertise), to benefit from an outside eye, a critical appreciation of their work and to give a helping hand to their artistic career.




Required materials: a portfolio in either physical or digital form (computer/tablet)

There is no wi-fi available at the location.

Schedule of the reviews: 20 minutes per meeting


Registration is required by email before the 31st May, 2019


Send submissions to in a single email (no WeTransfer)


Email Subject: Submission + first and last name of the candidate


Email Body:

- Surname

- First name

- Age

- Nationality

- Telephone

- Web site



One single PDF file titled with the surname and first name of the candidate, composing of the following: biography / statement / 5 to 10 work images.

Send in a single email (no WeTransfer, no ZIP files), downloads will not be possible.


We will not accept submissions that do not follow this format.


After being informed that their submission has been accepted, the artist will be able to register online, for the timeslots and experts of their choice, limited to 5 meetings per selected candidate.



Meetings begin at 10.00am
Meetings end at 6.30pm

Participation fees:
10 euros per meeting
Receipts are available for professions on request
No meeting will be reimbursed due to tardiness or absence on the part of the photographer
To request an official invitation in order to obtain a visa please contact us in advance.

Event location:
Espace Bernard Palissy
Formerly the Theatre de l'Ouest parisien


M 10 Pont de Saint-Cloud
Bus 160 Escudier
Bus 123 Église de Boulogne-Billancourt


This first step in the submission process is free. A selection committee comprising of members of the CARRE SUR SEINE association will carry out a selection. The candidates will be selected according to the quality of their portfolios, the number of available spaces at the event and the date their application was submitted. The candidates, once they have been informed of their selection by email, will be able to participate in the portfolio reviews on Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd, and Sunday 23rd June, in Boulogne-Billancourt. Candidates will be notified of the selection for the event progressively, and will then be able to make reservations for meetings on the days and timeslots of their choice, subject to the number of available spaces and the availability of the experts, and limited to 5 meetings per candidate.


Taking into account the number of candidates and in order to respect the privacy of the experts, all individual contact with an expert before the meetings or during pauses during the event are prohibited and the candidate will be subject to having their meetings canceled without reimbursement.


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